Sunday, March 18, 2012

Buster: Hello from Georgia!

Greetins from Georgia! I know it's been a real long time since any of us Coleman dogs have written, but when I explain myself, I do believe you'll see that we've been might busy.

Ya see, we now live in Georgia! Maw and Paw decided it was time for a change, so they got to lookin' down south for a new place to live. After one visit to see friends (Mr. Ken and Miss Grace) in Lake Oconee, they just knew that was where we had to be.

It's been a big change for us pups. Hobbit and Abby did just fine traveling' eight hours in the car, but Gus and me, well, we weren't so at ease. We didn't do too bad, though. Maw and Paw were real proud of us. When we got to Lake Oconee we were invited to stay with Mr. Ken and Miss Grace for two nights 'cause our furniture hadn't arrived, yet. Isn't that awfully nice of them to let all four of us come stay in their house?! They made us feel very comfortable there.

Movin' into our new house was new and interestin' to us. It was a little confusin', too. It's taken us all a little time to get settled, but we are finally feelin' at home. It didn't help that I got real sick, though. Maw and Paw found a nice vet who took good care of me. I had a very high fever and she put me on IV fluids for a couple of days. Hobbit got sick around the same time. He was at the vet, too, and kept me company. We both had ultrasounds. My insides look great, which is a big deal after my illness last summer. The vet who did Hobbit's ultrasounds used to teach at the University of Georgia vet school and he said that Hobbit has pancreatitis. Maw's got him on a low-fat diet now and he is doin' much better. Whew! What a few weeks! All of this on top of unpacking' and getting' settled! No wonder Maw and Paw are exhausted!

It's been real excitin' livin' in a new place. Gus, Hobbit, Abby and I are enjoyin' diggin' in the red clay and smellin' all the Georgia smells. One of my favorite things to do is go down by the lake. Maw and Paw are gonna get a boat someday and I just may want to get on that thing with 'em!

People out in the bloggin' world have been so nice to check in on us. Sure hope they're all doin' well!

Buster Brown Boogle Bear

Running down to the lake!

Enjoyin' a walk with Maw and Abby on a beautiful day!