Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Abby: Ahoy there!

What an exciting weekend I had! Mommy and Daddy suited me up in my own little life vest and took me on my very first boat ride! As you can tell by the pictures below, I LOVED it! There were so many new sights and smells. Oh, and the wind blowing through my fur was the best. It was like sticking my head out of the car window for two hours straight! I also had fun sitting on my daddy's lap while he steered the boat. My daddy does a good job driving the boat. He's the captain and Mommy is the first mate. Most people name their boats, but they said they probably won't name ours. I still made my suggestions known: "Ruff Life," "Coleman Canine Cruiser," and my personal favorite, "Princess Abby Grace."

Mommy and Daddy said they plan to take Hobbit on a boat trip next. They think he might like it. Gus and Buster would probably get too nervous, though. They're getting old, so they have trouble adjusting to new environments. And we all know Hobbit is pretty much happy no matter where he is as long as he's in Poncho's lap!

I hope you enjoy the pictures my mommy took of me on the boat.

Princess Abby Grace <3

I've never seen so much water! Maybe I'll get in someday.

The setting sun was beautiful!

New smells, wind blowing through my fur and sitting on my daddy's lap. 
I am a happy girl!