Thursday, July 12, 2012

Buster: One year later.

Maw says it's been one year since I got real sick. I had a hole in my stomach. She says I was purdy bad and the vets didn't think I'd make it out of surgery. My bubby Gus wrote about it a couple of times:

Gus: Praying for Buster (July 7, 2011)
Gus: Buster update (July 10, 2011)

Ya know, I don't really remember feelin' bad last summer. Heck, I don't remember last week. I live day to day, enjoyin' life. Nappin', chasin' squirrels and birds, sniffin' all kinds of scents floatin' through the air, and barkin' at big loud booms in the sky. (My maw says it's called thunder. Sometimes she says it's fireworks. I don't care what it's called. I don't like it much.)

Anyway, I'm feelin' good now! My maw and paw say they are amazed that I'm here with 'em today. Apparently, I would hardly eat in the first few weeks after surgery. And I threw up a lot. Several times a day they say. Maw says as time went on I would get sick less and less. I think the last time I got sick was several weeks ago. Maw and Paw are so happy and say thar prayers to God, givin' him thanks that I'm doin' so good.

Maw took a picture of me today. She wants to show everybody how strong and healthy I am.

All smiles one year later!

Lookin' purdy good for havin' such a tough year, huh? So much has happened the past twelve months. First Paw retired - which was a good thing! But then I got sick. Right after that we had to say goodbye to our boy Huck. Then we up and moved down here to Georgia. To be honest that confused me at first. My stomach started actin' up. Maw and Paw found some nice vets and they helped  me get all better. Now, I'm lovin' this place! I like poking my nose in the red Georgia clay. It smells good. And there are some birds down here I've never seen. Oh, and the deer, are so plentiful. And right in our backyard!

Yup, things were purdy ruff this past year, but it all eventually got better. God has a way of makin' things work out, doesn't He?

Buster Brown Booglebear