Monday, September 19, 2011

Hobbit: Beach time!

Boy, did I have an exciting week! My sister Abby and I got to go to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, with Mommy and Poncho. Grandma, Aunt Ginger and Uncle Roger went, too. It took us eight hours to get there, but Abby and I were very comfortable the entire ride. Our mommy set up a sweet travel space for us. She put in the soft, quilted doggy hammock and then lined it with a fleece blanket and topped it off with a pillow. We had it made! I was a little nervous the first hour. I always am, but then I settled in and enjoyed the ride. Abby is a great little traveler. Mommy and Poncho were very proud of her. They were also pleased with how well-behaved she was the entire week. She was nice to me and didn't bark much. You see, at home she can be pretty loud and annoying. For some reason Buster and she don't exactly gel. I think it bothers her that he doesn't pay much attention to her. Well, at the beach she didn't have Buster around to distract her, so she was a real pleasure. It was fun to watch her as she checked out the sand and surf for the first time. She wasn't afraid of the water. She followed Mommy into the ocean and even started swimming a little! Mommy and Poncho are very glad they took her. I go with them every year, but this was sissy's first time and she'll get invited again, I'm sure.

Gus and Buster stayed home with two dog sitters, Miss Debbie and Mr. Eric. Miss Debbie takes care of them a lot. She knows their quirks and does a good job of catering to their funny behaviors. Why, she even hand feeds Buster when he's not eating enough. Mr. Eric took care of them the final night. He's our next door neighbor, so they feel comfortable with him. As a matter of fact, Mr. Eric got Buster to take his medicine with a Pill Pocket treat. Buster hasn't wanted a Pill Pocket since he got sick. All in all, Gus and Buster did great, but Mommy thinks they got lonely for us 'cause Buster chewed on a couple of the dog beds. That's not like him. He also got sick a few times. Mommy and Poncho have learned that Buster will most likely always have a tendency to vomit. The veterinarians think he has bilious vomiting syndrome. It has been a problem ever since he got sick this summer. The vets prescribed Prilosec and Reglan and they both seem to help. Although he still gets sick every now and then, he's eating more, looks healthier and seems to be a happy and energetic doggy these days. Mommy and Poncho say he's our Miracle Dog!

Oh, before I sign off I want to share some pictures and videos from our beach trip:

My Poncho and me. :)

True contentment.

Abby enjoying the sea breeze.

A peaceful picture of my sister.

Strutting my stuff on the beach!

Swimming with Mommy! Oh, that water felt so good!

Abby up close and personal.

Playing on the beach can make a little boy tired!

Hobbit xoxo


  1. Dear Hobbit, I can see in the pictures just how very much you love your Poncho! And he loves you too! You are so handsome. Every time I see new pictures of you I notice it. What a sweetie you are, your heart shows in your face. Abby is a sweetie & a cutie too. It was so fun enjoying your vacation pics. Love from

  2. Hi Hobbit!
    I met your Mommy and Poncho last week while you were at Pawleys! They were such fun and wonderful people. You are a very blessed doggie to have found them, but I'm sure you know that already. Please tell Mommy and Poncho that I didn't get a chance to read about you in the Guidepost until this morning....and when I did, it made me cry. Also, please tell your Mommie that in that picture, she looks like "Becky" from Full House. (I bet she gets that alot.)
    I can't wait to meet you and your brothers and sisters. I hope I'll be seeing your whole family again soon, and MUCH more often.
    Miss Troi

  3. Cute pics! ;)
    I'll see you tomorrow...?

  4. Mommy just read the article in GUIDEPOSTS to me and I asked her to check out this blog. Hobbit, you are a great writer. You would love it at our house too. I have two sisters and one brother. Three of us are German Shepherds; one sister is a border collie. She is 14 1/2 years old! I look forward to reading more of your postings, Hobbit. Bozwell