Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hobbit: Georgia has been good to me!

Hello! I am happy to report that my bubbies and sissy and I have fully adapted to our new home here in Georgia Lake Country! It took us a while, but we now consider this our home. Mommy and Poncho's friends and family comment on how much happier and relaxed we seem. There are a few reasons for that, I think. First, we have more room inside our home to run around. Second, we all live on the same floor. Third, we can stay in the house when company visits. No more garage-time for us. (Although, the garage back in West Virginia was pretty sweet with the recliner, dog beds, windows, air conditioning and heating.) Fourth, we all get to sleep with Mommy and Poncho in their bedroom. Gus, Abby and I snooze on the bed and Buster sleeps on the big dog bed on the floor. That's where he prefers to be. There's more room for him to spread out. Fifth, our yard is much bigger, so we have a great time exploring. Oh, the smells down here are delightful! And the red Georgia clay is divine!

One day my mommy and Poncho couldn't find me for about five minutes. I didn't hear them calling me because I was taking a nap outdoors in the comfy Georgia pine straw. Here I am enjoying the shade on that pine mulch I like so much.

On top of all this goodness is the fact that my fur is growing back! For about three or four years now I've lost a lot of hair on my back due to a thyroid condition. Well, the nice veterinarians down here helped us fine-tune my medicine and now I'm getting a full, healthy coat of fur again!

To cap off all this great news, we've had visitors all week: my grandma, Aunt Ginger and Uncle Roger! They give us lots of attention and, of course, we love that! Aunt Ginger does a great job of keeping Abby occupied by throwing the ball down the hill lots of times. They both have lots of energy!

Oh, I guess there is one little thing I've failed to mention and that's the fact that I have to wear a "male wrap" in the house now. Mommy and Poncho apparently don't appreciate my marking throughout the house. I have three kinds of wraps. One is a big comfy one that I sleep in. We call that one my pajamas. Then there's another one that's a little nicer looking, but kind of baggy. They are made of denim, so we call those my casual jeans. The third pair we call my skinny jeans. They are sleek and slenderizing and show off my physique nicely. We usually save those for when we have company. I don't mind wearing my jeans. I stand still for Mommy as she puts them on me. I get lots of compliments on them.

So, I think that about covers everything. Georgia life is good!

Hobbit Bear