Sunday, August 12, 2012

DogMom: Our Boy Buster

Stunned and with a broken heart, I have some sad news to share. In the early morning of August 9th, less than two days after saying goodbye to our precious Hobbit, DogDad and I lost our dear beloved Buster. He got very sick within a 24-hour period. We took him to our vet and she ran tests and treated his symptoms as best as she could. He seemed to be doing better, but then he took a turn for the worse. It happened so fast. He died in my arms here at home. He was in a familiar place with his Maw and Paw. All night I lay with him. Paw and I loved on him, spoke to him and prayed to God to give him peace.

Our vet has since found what took our dear Buster away from us. Stomach cancer. It very well may have been the cause of his illness one year ago. He was a very sick boy then, but he ended up recovering well and enjoying life in his new Georgia backyard. Paw and I loved seeing him walk through the woods down to the lake and then come running back to us with a smile on his face when we called his name.

Buster Brown Booglebear was a big strong boy, but he was always our baby. He had been with us since we found him as a little 8-week-old puppy abandoned on the side of the road. We saved him and that's what helps us deal with the pain of losing him.

Buster, your Maw and Paw loved you more than you could imagine and we miss you so much. You have left a huge paw print on our hearts. We are so thankful we had you in our lives and one day we will see you again. We will hug you, love on you and kiss that beautiful, handsome face.

Dear God, thank you for giving us 11 1/2 wonderful years with our Buster and please keep him close to You in heaven.

This has been such a very sad and difficult week, yet DogDad and I can feel God helping us navigate through it. We are focusing on the joy and laughter Hobbit and Buster brought us and the fact that we gave them each a happy, safe and loving home.

DogDad and I can just see Lindsey, Annie, Bogey, Huck and Hobbit in heaven as Buster arrives. "Looky thar, it's a Booglebear!" It's a funny little line we used to say and makes us smile.

Missing our boys,

Buster's Maw / Hobbit's Mommy / DogMom

Our cute little puppy Buster. Just 8 weeks old.  

I loved that speckled nose he had as a puppy.

He loved to explore.

A smiling two-year-old Buster Booglebear.

A healthy and handsome Buster. He loved the snow.

10 years old, still smiling and more handsome than ever.

Paw loving on Buster before his surgery last year.
Just a few days after surgery. I always loved his profile.

Buster looking strong in recovery.

Buster loved the dog beds.

Big brown-eyed Buster.

Paw introducing Buster to the lake.

Buster liked the water and sandy bottom of the lake, but just wasn't sure how to walk in it. 

With my boy Buster just a few weeks ago.

Our beautiful boy Buster. You brought so much joy to our lives.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DogMom: Heavy Hearts for Hobbit

I've never written in The Doggy Diary before. This is a place for our doggies to share their thoughts and feelings, not me. I only serve as the editor. Tonight, however, I feel compelled to write. My heart is heavy. We all have heavy hearts here in our home.

Earlier today DogDad and I had to unexpectedly say goodbye to our dear, sweet, gentle little Hobbit. It was tough. Hobbit was a special little boy. He came to us as an injured homeless doggy who didn't understand treats, play or affection. We don't know what his first four years or so were like, but we were determined to fill the rest of his life with love, attention, comfort and happiness. Hobbit soon realized he was a part of our family. A "bone-a-fide" member of our family we would say.  Before long he was running to us when we got home from work, pushing the big red ball around and barking at it incessantly, and digging holes just big enough for DogDad (aka Poncho) to step into while mowing the grass. Hobbit loved his Poncho. He loved him very much. And Poncho adored him, too. They had a special relationship. Poncho would hold Hobbit a lot. Poncho's lap was Hobbit's favorite place to be. He would sleep there for hours, legs limp and mouth wide open. Sometimes even snoring.

Hobbit made us laugh and smile. He seemed to get cuter and cuter each day. He came into our lives at just the right time. He was what we needed when we needed it. Props to God because Hobbit was the answer to our prayers. Such an impact on our lives was Hobbit that I wrote about it in the June 2011 issue of Guideposts magazine. DogDad and I were thrilled that we could share Hobbit's story and how God used him to help us.

Hobbit, your Poncho and I miss you terribly. Gus, Buster and Abby miss you. You were a blessing to this family and we loved you with our whole hearts. That must be why they hurt so much. Say hi to Lindsey, Annie, Bogey and Huck. We'll see you all again. And when we do we will kiss you and love on you all like crazy. And, Hobbit, your Poncho will hold you as long as you like.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us seven years and ten months of joy, happiness and smiles with the funniest, quirkiest, cutest dog ... our furry little angel Hobbit.


Handsome Hobbit 

Hobbit loved to dig. So many interesting smells! 

Hobbit's favorite place to be - on Poncho's lap.

Snoozing away on Poncho's lap. 

What a sweet, beautiful face.

DogDad, DogMom and dear little sweet Hobbit :)

Posing nicely for the camera on a snowy day.

On his favorite chair.

Discovering how fun playing with a Kong toy can be.

Hobbit loved his special little poochy bed. Just his size.


An afternoon nap after a day on the beach at Pawleys Island.

Hobbit enjoying his new surroundings in Georgia.
He loved this shady area of pine straw.