Sunday, May 11, 2014

DogMom: Happy DogMom Day!

I may not be a mom. A mom to human kids, anyway. But I still feel like a mom. I have an innate desire to protect and care for our dogs and I love them unconditionally. I think that counts for something. I'm a DogMom and, to me, that brings joy and fulfillment. This is who I was meant to be.

I grew up around animals of all kinds. Living on a farm, I was surrounded by cows, horses, chickens, ducks and the like, and of course dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, etc. I loved all of these sweet creatures. 

My dogs of childhood were Beethoven, Ben, Timothy, Gretchen and Holly. Beethoven and Ben were miniature schnauzers and they were a handful! Timothy and Gretchen were strays that showed up at the farm. I loved those dogs. Holly was one of Gretchen's puppies. She was precious.

The first cat I remember our family having was a kitten named Lucy. Unfortunately, my memory is of my brothers and the neighbor kids burying her. She had gotten hit by a car. Interesting what memories stick with us. I wonder how big of a role that memory has played in my desire to save animals. When I turned four years old my parents said I could pick any cat from the animal shelter to adopt. I chose an orange and white kitten and named him Tiger. I vividly remember him sticking his paw out of the cage trying to touch me. I knew then and there that Tiger was the cat for me. He may have grown to be big and tough, but we called him "Kitty." He was with us for 18 years. Gertie was an affectionate and beautiful kitty with long gray fur and gorgeous green eyes. I am thankful I decided to walk outside to look at the stars one cold November night because that is when that pretty gray kitten came running to me, practically jumping into my lap!

Since 1987, I've been blessed to be DogMom to ten sweet, loving, smart and beautiful dogs. All rescued either from life on the street or in the shelter. And I couldn't have done it without DogDad. I love our DogLovingLife!








Abby Grace




  1. I love this and I am still smiling. I know you had a happy DogMom day!!

  2. Happy Dog Mom Day. One thing about being a dog mom or dog dad is that you can't love your furry family members more than they love you back. When your fur family gets to its teens unlike human children they don't know it all and don't not want to be seen with you. Your fur family will always want to be by your side and regardless of how hard you try you simply can't out love them.
    Congratulations on being a dog mom, you have a beautiful fur family past and present.

  3. I love this! Thanks for sharing. I remember Gertie but never knew you had a cat named Lucy!
    Beautiful photos of all your children!

  4. we miss hearing from you and wish you all a blessed Christmas celebration.

    1. Thank you, Carol. Yes, we are long overdue for a post. I so appreciate your checking in on us. We are doing well and I will try to make one of the pups write in the diary soon! Happy New Year to you all!

  5. Love your dogs, they're beautiful and strong. You seem happy and safe with them, like family members and protectors.

  6. Love your dogs, they're beautiful and strong. You seem happy and safe with them, like family members and protectors.

  7. Very nice post. I really liked reading it. I hope you had the best DogMom day!! Keep sharing more:)